This website is owned and operated by Ltd. To find out more about click here. recommends that you check your purchase before finalizing your purchase as all purchases are bound by our refund policy detailed below.
We aim to deliver a high quality product through report products. During the purchase process endeavors to provide you with all of the information required to make an informed decision.

This information includes;

  • Free downloadable samples of our report types to provide an indication of the type of information you will gain through the purchase process.
  • A description of report inclusions for each report type.
  • A summary of the number of records contained in the report you are purchasing.

As a result in most circumstances is unable to provide a refund should you change your mind or make a wrong decision. is however able to provide a refund in the following circumstances;

  • Both house and unit median price data or house and unit capital growth rates are not detailed in the report.
  • All demographic data for your suburb of interest is missing from your report.
  • Due to technical reasons the report was corrupted and did not provide you with the data promised.

Should your request for a refund meet the requirements detailed above please prepare a written request for a refund and email